We are a group of current and recent SNP members. Our aim is to support the SNP in living up to the progressive and social democratic values that it espouses, and to its potential as a major political party with both an internal ethos and policy positions that will create a positive, inclusive, and progressive, independent Scotland for all.

Our name, Sensibility, has two meanings to us. Primarily, it is the name of the SNP’s font for campaign materials. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the word is defined as ‘the quality of being able to appreciate and respond to complex emotional or aesthetic influences; sensitivity‘ – a quality perhaps sometimes lacking in our political discourse.

In the name of promoting reasoned, nuanced discussion of issues, this blog will not support comments. However, we welcome submissions and letters-to-the-editor from all. You can contact us at sensibilityscot@gmail.com or on twitter @sensibilityscot.